TDLR Administrative Rule Changes effective 6/1/09

TDLR has made significant changes to the Administrative Rules for Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS). These changes affect all aspects of the TAS Plan Review and Site Inspection Process.

These changes include a number of new and revised forms that are now required - TAS Plan Reviews & Site Inspections cannot be completed without these forms.


Project Registration Form

EXCITING NEWS! The revised version of this form no longer requires the signature of the Building Owner or the Design Professional.

Proof of Submission Form

This form must be submitted with all projects IF you are a Licensed Design Professional.

Owner Agent Designation Form

PLEASE NOTE - this form should only be used **IF** the BUILDING OWNER wants to designate someone else to act as the OWNER AGENT on their behalf. It is NOT required for all projects.

This form is pretty confusing. Please give us a call at (512) 374-1696 if you need clarification about how to fill it out or if you need to submit it at all.


According to TDLR Administrative Rules, all construction documents submitted for TAS Review must be sent no later than the 20th business day after the date the plans are issued for construction, bid or permitting.

Licensed Architects & Engineers who violate this rule are subject to administrative penalties. New Proof of Submission Form and TDLR procedure changes make this requirement more enforceable by the licensing board.


TDLR Request For Inspection Form - must be submitted when an inspection is requested. It must be completed and signed by the BUILDING OWNER or the OWNER'S AGENT and verifies the Owner's choice of a TAS Site Inspector.

Owner Agent Designation Form - must be submitted IF the owner's designated agent for the inspection is different than the owner's designated agent for the plan review.